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Many people find themselves exhausted of going through the motions of "doing church" and leaving with life challenges unaddressed. They want a deeply meaningful spiritual experience that speaks to where they are and helps them to feel empowered.


Welcome to a dynamic and inclusive community of believers focused on our relationship with God, self and community! Rize offers real to life teachings and ritual practices that bring healing and transformation! It is past time for the Black church to engage serious and tough issues.


  • What is the relevance and significance of Jesus/Yeshua today?

  • How does Christianity help us engage real-life issues like racism, sexism, classism, gender and sexuality, violence, globalism, etc.

  • How can I practice being unapologetically Christian and equally claim Black cultural heritage?


At Rize we are deeply concerned about the numerous issues that affect Sisters and Brothers in our communities. Poverty and unemployment, police brutality, mass incarceration, sexual violence, racism, sexism, homophobia, ageism, and other societal ills impact our daily survival and thriving. We strive to be responsive to communal concerns and seek to actively engage and combat systemic evil by embodying the message and model of ministry of Yeshua (Jesus), our ancestors, and elders. 


Looking for a church that embodies women and men walking together equally? Are you longing for a dynamic experience of worship?  Desire a church home that focuses on positivity through spiritual principles?


Welcome to Rize!













Rize is a creative and dynamic Africentric Christian community, engaging in spiritual principles and practices that Empower, Liberate, and Call people to  journey toward healing  and the

transformation of the world!


We invite you to join us on this great journey! ​We have several ministries you may be called to join, and other projects you can assist us with. Join us as we help our communities & strive to live out the fullness of our days. See you on Sundays at 2:30p.m.!

Your contributions are greatly appreciated and enable us to continue this work through ministries for and with local and global communities.  You can give when you join us on Sundays, or give using Paypal.


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