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Fahari Greeters & Hospitality Ministry

One of the most beautiful aspects about Rize Community Church is that we welcome all. Scriptures tells us, " Whosoever will... Come. Not only do our doors swing on welcome hinges but our Hearts do too..... And if you are a person who loves to welcome God's people into God's house, if you love connecting with people through a hand shake, a hug, or an affirming word, we would love for you to join our Greeters Ministry. Farahi means, "Bearers of Joy." Truly we are the oil that helps keep our doors and hearts swinging on open hinges. Akwaaba is the Ghanaian Twi word meaning "Welcome!"


Akwaaba & Welcome Home!


The care, nurturing, and healing of our community is central to our identity and collective calling. Our Spiritual Care Team (Health & Wellness) led by licensed clinical specialists works closely with our Deacons' Ministry to ensure availability to respond to congregational and community needs. This includes counseling sessions. We are here for you!


This ministry is led by Rev. Edward "Chief" Menifee, II,  who has Master of Divinity and Masters of theology degrees. He is the church organist and leads our Praise Team. Our ministry also includes the Mighty Voices of Power gospel choir directed by Dr. Daniel Omotosho Black, and the Harakati Dance Ministry.




At Rize, we understand the significance and centrality of the ritual life of the church. This includes the sacraments of communion and baptism, but extends beyond them. Every liturgical movement matters! We lift prayers and honor our ancestors. In the ring shout we recall the sacred traditions of our people. We gather for intentional rituals that ensure our spiritual growth beyond bible study. Our Jali (Storyteller) enables us to know the history/herstory of our church and the many stories we need to know to honor God, Jesus, our faith, and our heritage! This includes our poets.

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