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Welcome to Rize! Welcome Home!

Fahari Greeters & Hospitality Ministry

One of the most beautiful aspects about Rize Community Church is that we welcome all. Scriptures tells us, " Whosoever will... Come. Not only do our doors swing on welcome hinges but our Hearts do too..... And if you are a person who loves to welcome God's people into God's house, if you love connecting with people through a hand shake, a hug, or an affirming word, we would love for you to join our Greeters Ministry. Farahi means, "Bearers of Joy." Truly we are the oil that helps keep our doors and hearts swinging on open hinges. Akwaaba is the Ghanaian Twi word meaning "Welcome!"


Akwaaba & Welcome Home!

Ajani Nafula


Blair Tolulope Crosby

Joshua Wole Tucker  & Keith Erasto Freeman

Assata Ifeoma Williams

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