In concert with the Rize mission statement, Afiya Abiona, our Health & Wellness ministry, is shaped by the resources and needs of Rize and the surrounding community, and will encourage wholistic health through the integration of body, mind and spirit and personal responsibility.


Purpose: The purpose of the Afiya Abiona is to help meet the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual needs of Rize by advocating for and promoting optimum health.


Goals: Our goals are to positively impact health disparities and improve health outcomes in our community by developing and supporting mind-body-spirit wellness initiatives.




  1. Empower individuals to become more active partners in the management of their personal health & health resources. Wisdom & Humility

  2. Promote the prevention, management, and control of dis-ease in the community through compassion, health essential education, screenings and awareness activities. Love

  3. Facilitate access to adequate health, dental and vision care for all members of the community. Forgiveness

  4. Build community capacity by developing culturally relevant programs that can be replicated and sustained in the community. Discipline

  5. Empower and educate community members to become health advocates. Reciprocity

  6. Create coalitions and partnerships that link the faith and health community. Spirituality

Afiya Abiona

Health Born on a Journey

Orisabukola Bahati Isoke


Tonya Tcheseret Ifadare O'Bryan

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